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Les Iroquoiens


École Pointe-Lévy, Lévis, Quebec

First Voices: Time Immemorial to 1605

Our story begins before this land was called Canada.

For centuries, North America has been inhabited by First Peoples.  They consist of hundreds of diverse cultures.

The diversity of Native cultures and customs is as great as the various landscapes found from coast to coast to coast.  Each Nation has its own unique way of life, language, spiritual beliefs, governmental systems, and art.

Before the arrival of Europeans, many First Peoples formed this early diverse society of North America.   We will focus on two, the Ongwehonweh (Iroquois) and the Anishinabe (Ojibway).  They occupied the Great Lakes region, which had very fertile land and vast resources.  For centuries, it was used as a major trade route .

The Ongwehonweh and the Anishinabe share a First Nations' world view, which sees humans as only one element of creation and is concerned with mutual obligations between humans, animals, and spiritual beings.  There can also be power struggles within and between these realms.

Knowledge of the land and its resources was shared orally, through storytelling, from generation to generation and through practical and hands-on experience - customs that continue to this day.
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