Excavation of Kingston's Market Square

Footage of the 2005 excavation of Kingston's Market Square, focusing on archaeological features, stratigraphy, and evidence of fire damage.

Cataraqui Archaeological Research Foundation
Jonas Fernandez, Jennifer Stanton, Hannah Roth

© 2007, Cataraqui Archaeological Research Foundation. All Rights Reserved.


Here you can see rubble remains and charred wood inside the lower level of the Market Wing from the 1865 fire that destroyed it.

This is the rear, three-storey "pavilion" of the market wing that was destroyed.

Visible at the base of the column are flagging stones and large cut stones on the lower level of the Market Wing which is below grade. The steps leading down to this section were also uncovered.

Here you can see a trench cut through earlier buildings that were demolished after the 1840 fire. The trench cut ran between Brock St. and the newer buildings.

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