Why did you come to Canada? Did you come directly to Canada?

I came to Canada for many reasons. Above all, the political climate was somewhat unstable in Europe. This was the era of the Cold War. If you can imagine, a young man in Germany travels to Berlin, he sees "the Wall" and realizes that the situation in his country is not secure. I began to think that if Russia’s tanks could be in West Germany in three days, how long will it take me to get to Holland and then to safety? I still remember the damage, which I saw during the 1950’s, in my town, after the Second World War; this I believe had an effect on me wanting to leave. Canada was much more of a desirable place in terms of its political conditions. It had always been my dream to come to Canada! In essence we moved from a politically hot climate to one which was more stable. Myself, my wife, and my eldest daughter (who was only ten months) left on a typical immigrant boat from Rotterdam to London, across the Atlantic, through the St. Lawrence, and to Montreal.

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