A polychrome wooden horse mounted on a wooden block with four wooden wheels, this is a family toy bought in 1880 at the birth of Henri Moricard and subsequently used by his descendants.

Horses, the favourite animals of little boys, may be simple pull toys as pictured here or, on a larger scale, something a child can ride. In England, rockers are added so that children can rock on them. Horses are also seen quite often on carnival merry-go-rounds.

For children of earlier times, horses represented the draft power their fathers used in the fields. Children could imitate their fathers by playing with toy horses. Very often, poor rural families did not have the means to buy ready-made toys from peddlers so fathers made toy horses themselves for their children. But the toy was frequently reduced to its simplest shape and the children’s imaginations did the rest.
Musée de la Vie Bourguignonne
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