Many factors effect changing cultures within a society. To what extent the effects of the European-Native contact was negative or positive has long been debated in Canada and around the world. The Kingston area is rich with its own history of European-Native contact. The French settled in the area as early as 1673 when Fort Frontenac was established. Later European hositilities between the French and the British caused the control of the area to be handed over to the British with Loyalist refugees firmly established in the area by 1783.

In groups of three and four, research Kingston's Loyalist period. Debate the effect that contact had on the Native and European communities. Did the positive aspects of their contact outweigh the negative aspects? Did one side benefit more than the other side? Be sure to support you statements with evidence, and to keep your arguments to the time period on which the debate focuses. Remember to consider both sides of the argument when preparing your defense to ensure that you are well prepared to counter the opposing side's arguments.

Use research and information gleaned from documents provided, as well as further research at the Cataraqui Archaeological Research Foundation website, the library, etc., to prepare your case.
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