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Lesson 2: Refugees Interned


Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre, Vancouver, British Columbia


In pairs (or, as computers access permits, individually or in groups), students view Video: Collar the Lot, which features recollections of former internees about their sudden arrests as “enemy aliens” and internment in Britain. Students should watch the video twice; on the first viewing, students watch and listen carefully, while on the second viewing, students should note the incidents described by the interviewees.

As pairs or groups, students discuss their notes generated in response to the video and consider the following questions:

•    How are the stories of arrest similar? Which one struck you most and why?
•    How long did the individuals believe that they would be interned?
•    How did the individuals respond to their internment?
•    What were the conditions of the British internment camps?

As a follow up, students read the pages of the website titled “Calling on the Colonies” and “Restricted Immigration” to learn about how Canada came to accept the internees, and about Canadian polices toward Jewish refugees at the time.
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