Atomic Clock

Uses the vibration of cesium atoms to measure the passage of time very accurately. Canada´s first atomic clock became the first in the world to replace astronomically determined time as an official time standard (1958-1965). It was accurate to better than 1 second in 300 years.

Made by National Research Council of Canada, Ottawa
Canadian Heritage Information Network, Canada Museum of Science and Technology, Musée de la civilisation, Stewart Museum, Canadian Medical Hall of Fame, Museum of Health Care at Kingston, University Health Network Artifact Collection, University of Toronto Museum of Scientific Instruments, University of Toronto Museum Studies Program, Suzanne Board, Dr. Randall C. Brooks, Sylvie Toupin, Ana-Laura Baz, Jean-François Gauvin, Betsy Little, Paola Poletto, Dr. James Low, David Kasserra, Kathryn Rumbold, David Pantalony, Dr. Thierry Ruddel, Kim Svendsen
1956 - 1958
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