The Haida relationship to the ocean is timeless and has its roots in an era before time began, when Raven coaxed the first humans out of a clam shell on a beach at Naikun (Rose Spit) on the northern extremity of Haida Gwaii.

"Haida culture is not simply song and dance, graven images, stories, language or even blood. It is all of those things and then...waking up on Haida Gwaii anticipating the season when the herring spawns. It is a feeling you get when you bring a feed of cockles to the old people, and when you are fixing up fish for the smokehouse, or when walking on barnacles or moss.

"It is about being confronted with winter storms and trying to look after this precious place. All that we say is ours is of Haida Gwaii. This is our lot, our heritage, our life...and one of the world’s great cultures.

"Look past the written word and you will find yourself in a world whose fate is intimately tied to the ocean people, the sky people, and the forest people."

-Guujaaw, Haida artist, gak’yaals qiigawaay clan
The Haida Gwaii Community

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