Food has always been at the centre of Haida social life. When families gather together to harvest food, it’s a happy time. Ernie Collison describes the old people as "...always laughing and teasing each other and having a lot of fun. Part of the enjoyment came from the food we gathered from the waters and the land."
-Ernie Collison, Tsiij Giitanay, Eagle Clan, 1993.

A family who gives away traditional foods is considered wealthy and generous.
"The Haida people really like to share. That is the way I know my people are."
-Ethel Jones, elder of the Kuun Laanaas Raven Clan, 1993.
The Haida Gwaii Community
the Old Massett Village Council's Economic Development and Heritage Resources, the Haida Gwaii Museum at Qay'llnagaay, and Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve and Haida Heritage Site.

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