Around 1930, the Laboratory staff consisted of five employees. There was the director, Dr. Derome, and his assistant from 1924 on, Rosario Fontaine, both graduates in forensic medicine and toxicology from the University of Paris. In 1919, the director hired a pharmaceutical chemist, Franchère Pépin, who specialized in toxicology. The latter worked on developing analytical methods for the extraction, detection and identification of toxic materials in biological environments, as well as methods of examination and analysis for conducting an objective study of the traces and clues left on a crime scene. In 1920, the laboratory team added a photographer specializing in crime photography, since Dr. Derome was convinced that such a specialist could help identify the position of a corpse, the condition of clothes after a struggle, and the position and nature of neighbouring items. The team was rounded out by a technician, who performed various tasks at the director’s request.

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