Introduction by Earl Old Person (part two)


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That signifies those things that took place. Which some of our lodges that we have there are paintings on the lodges that signifies some of the stories that were told. We have a tipi that has the stars on the tipi flaps. Some of those stars that are displayed or painted on the tipis are the stars that people call The Seven Brothers or they are called Big Dipper also Great Bear. But this was the story of seven brothers that left, drifted away from their home and were lost from their home. While they were journeying and trying to find a place, they come to a beautiful tipi lodge, a woman that lived within this lodge. And of course, the older brother probably wanted to be with this woman, so they got together. It wasn’t very long that he knew this lady was not the woman to be with. She became very rude, things that she done wasn’t very good. And so she began to go after his brothers. And so, he was afraid for them. He was trying to warn them somehow that this woman was not the lady to be with. But somehow after they had found a way to get away from her, to escape from her, they did. And when they escaped, they went on to what we called Heavens. We look at them sometimes as people of our people that have gone before us into the heavens. And people see those stars today, the Big Dipper today like you see on those tipis, the tipi flaps.

Also, we have the bunch stars [Pleaides], they were neglected boys. These five boys, their father I guess they looked to their father when he goes hunting then he brings back the buffalo. And this one time, he failed to do that, failed to bring the unborn buffalo. So they were upset and so they got together and were recognized as the bunch stars. And they were gone away from their family, they were also gone into the heavens. But they would come back certain time of the year but they would leave again. People today they look up into the skies and they will see those five stars and they refer to them as the bunch stars. At nighttime you look up into the skies you’ll see a streak across the skies [the Milky Way]. It looks like a trail and then that’s what it is. That was the wolf trail people call it today Makoi-yohsokoyi. The wolves would come they would live with the people and they showed the people many things, how to come together with other animals and be with other animals. But the wolves were very close to the people and they were also known for going into the skies. And leaving the trails as they came to help and be with the people that were on the earth, teaching them many things and how to get acquainted and be with the animals that they were able to introduce them to. That was the wolf trail. Today, tonight or any night you look across when it’s clear you’ll see that wolf trail.

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