Activity 2: Advertising Over Time

Format: Research, group discussion

Browse the historical ads featured in the In Search of the Canadian Car virtual exhibition Gallery. As you are looking at ads, review the timeline’s decade overviews, which will provide you with valuable historical context.

In small groups, discuss the following and record your thoughts:

• How have advertisements changed in terms of visual expression, language, and content?

• What are some influences, outside of the car industry, that impacted advertisement content during different decades? For example, what images and symbols were used in car advertisements during the World Wars? How were these different from earlier or later years?

• What do advertisements tell us about consumers’ interests at a given time in history?

• What messages or values do advertisements conveying to consumers? How have these messages changed over time, and how have they remained the same?

• How do specific advertisements use messages intended to appeal specifically to Canadians?

• What types of messages and values are used in current car advertisements?

Present your findings to the rest of the class by means of a group discussion, poster board project, or PowerPoint presentation.
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