1 - The addition must be harmoniously positioned

Adding on to a house can considerably change its proportions. It is therefore recommended to add on to the rear of the house. Any frontal construction would require alterations to the façade, either to the right or to the left of the front door.

By placing the addition to the rear of the house, frontal harmony is preserved. It is even possible to renew with the original style by enlarging the doors and windows, as well as the porch, while respecting the original symmetry.

If it is impossible to add on to the rear of the house, the following are a few basic principles that can lead to successful results on one or the other side of the house.
  1. The roof of the addition must be separate from the existing roof.
  2. The roof of the addition must have the same slope as the existing roof.
  3. The new construction must be set back from the main structure by at least 45 cm (18 inches).
Otherwise, the façade is out of proportion:

By setting back the addition, the original façade of the house can be preserved.

2- The dimensions of the addition must be proportioned to those of the house

If possible, avoid building an addition that is too large, too wide or too high, either to the side or the rear of the house. The added façade should not exceed one-third to one-half the width of the original façade.

A construction that is too high results in an unbalanced roof line:
If it is too wide, the overall look is disproportionate.

3- The architectural elements of the house should be reproduced on the addition

The addition should be in harmony with the original architectural style of the house, using the same materials:
  1. Half-hip of the roof
  2. Roofing material
  3. Roof incline
  4. Window types
  5. Ornamentation
  6. Exterior siding
The renovations yielded some noteworthy improvements: Added space, the addition of a window for more sunlight, and a better integration of the porch.
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