Video of CG cartographer Chris Brackely discussing the types of maps that appear in Canadian Geographic magazine

Part four of a selection of video interviews with Chris Brackley, CG Cartographer.

Canadian Geographic usually requires one of two kinds of maps in a general sense. One is sort of just a locational map that gives you the context of what’s happening. This is a typical map that you would expect in terms of a map. It shows where all the places are and where all the events that took place in the story were in relation to the context in which they took place. The other kind of map we would do is a thematic map that represents a data set that is implicit in the story: so how many whales were in this area, how many birds across the landscape, how big were the mining claims across the region? And those kind of thematic maps are also sometimes in the magazine.

Canadian Geographic Education

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Learning Objectives

Students will discover the different types of maps that have been created by CG’s cartographer. They will learn about the two most common types of maps that can be found in Canadian Geographic.

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