Video of CG cartographer Chris Brackeley discussing what makes a good map

Part seven of a selection of video interviews with Chris Brackley, CG Cartographer.

I think of a map operating on two important levels in terms of the way the reader sees it. The first is an immediate response. A map works if you see it and immediately you say, “Whoa, I get something about it” whether it’s lots of dots of red and you say “gee, something really serious is happening.” Whatever it is it’s something that hits you immediately within the first couple of seconds. The second level of a successful map is a richness so that you could sit with it for 45 minutes and learn more things as you start to see the relationships. So I always aspire to make a map that works immediately and has enough meat on it to look at it for a long time and get more from it.

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Learning Objectives

Students will see that there are many levels of information and detail that can be portrayed on a map. They will understand how maps can be so captivating.

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