Video of CG cartographer Chris Brackeley discussing the size of a giant floor map

Part three of a selection of video interviews with Chris Brackley, CG Cartographer.

Giant floor maps are indeed giant. They are in the order of 35 feet by 26 feet. They are an immense work cartographically to do and a thrilling piece to do as well. It’s incredible to have such a gigantic canvas. We’re still learning about ideal ways to show things on a scale of this size and the way the people interact with them. It’s the first time I ever made a map that you stand on top of and look at from 3 feet, 4 feet, 5 feet up. They present an incredible view of Canada because they are big and I think they give people a sense of scale no other piece could.

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Learning Objectives

Our cartographer explains the details and benefits of giant floor maps. He explains the opportunities that come from working on such a large canvas.

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