Learning Objectives

To encourage students to imagine themselves as members of the Birchtown community in Nova Scotia.

To create empathy with Black refugees.


Without the shackles of slavery, Blacks who came to Canada as Loyalists were optimistic and willing to work hard to make the most of their freedom. Try to imagine their hopes and wishes for their new settlement, Birchtown.

Create a flag for Birchtown that represents the spirit of the Black Loyalists.

Have students consider the influence of the British on the slaves’ quest for freedom.

Encourage students to look at British, Canadian, African and American flags, as well as local or municipal flags.

Include the following on the flag:

• Name of the settlement
• A town motto
• 2 to 3 images or symbols that demonstrate the community’s hopes and dreams for their new life and that represent their skills, as outlined in the Learning Object, "Port in the Storm"
• A reference to either a Canadian or a British flag

Provide each student with paper measuring 11 x 17

Have students write a summary, explaining the choice of images and symbols on their flags.

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