Learning Objectives

To encourage students to analyze the opportunities that American Blacks recognized in the new Canadian West.

To foster communication and design skills.


In the late 1800s and early 1900s, Blacks were free in the United States, but many of them were not happy with segregation and racism. The Canadian West was relatively undeveloped, and it needed immigrants in order to grow.

Consider the favourable laws and opportunities for Black settlers in the Canadian West.

Imagine you are creating a full-page advertisement, which will be placed in all Black newspapers across the United States. The advertisement must be designed to encourage Blacks to come to the Canadian West.

Your advertisement should include information about:

• favourable laws;
• favourable economic activities;
• opportunities for Blacks;
• a big, bold catchy title;
• images and/or maps;
• possible locations for settlements;
• travel arrangements; and
• contact information.

Use any and all of the information from the media files. Use your imagination and creativity to create a winning design.

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