Video of CG cartographer Chris Brackeley discussing how to create a map today

Part two of a selection of video interviews with Chris Brackley, CG Cartographer.

Maps are made digitally these days, almost exclusively certainly in my experience. And so what I do first is I look at where I am going to make a map of and I go and get the data. Data is the line work showing the rivers, the lakes, the roads – all of these pieces. It’s available on the Internet for free. You need a GIS software, you need a Geographical Information System software to open and use this stuff but it’s available easily and freely from many different places. I go and collect all the bits and pieces that I need. I put them in my GIS software and layer them up. I send them out to a design software and that’s where I add the colours, where I add the line thicknesses, where I make it an intelligible piece of graphic communication.

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Learning Objectives

Students will learn about the new technologies involved in map creation.  The video describes the different materials and programs needed to make an effective form of graphic communication.

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