Video of CG cartographer Chris Brackeley discussing what he enjoys about cartography

Part six of a selection of video interviews with Chris Brackley, CG Cartographer.

There are probably two aspects to it. One is what I get from it personally, i.e. creating what I like to think of as a fairly artful end product. I love making the piece. I love seeing the way the colours interact and the way it all comes together in the end. I can be very satisfied by a map that works and looks good to me. The other side is the experience the reader might get from it and for me I’ve always aspired to connect people with place. That’s sort of my mantra “connect people with place.” So I feel like if a map has succeeded it’s given a mental image of a place to people that they didn’t have before that will stick with them.

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Learning Objectives

The two main personal benefits of cartography are explained in this video. The importance of the connection between people and place is discussed.

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