Oppenheimer Park

Powell Street Grounds

Used for baseball and soccer from 1898 on, this park, officially named Oppenheimer Park, is located on the East side of Vancouver, bounded by Powell, Jackson, Cordova and Dunlevy Streets. Many Nikkei lived in the immediate area before the community was uprooted in 1942. See map ‘Baseball Parks in Vancouver.’

Recreation Park

Used for baseball, lacrosse and boxing from 1905 to 1912, this facility was located in downtown Vancouver with stands for over 7,000 spectators. See map ‘ball parks in Vancouver’. See map ‘Baseball Parks in Vancouver.’


An athlete who plays for pay on a part-time basis.

The Leagues

In the beginning …

Vancouver was a brand-new city in 1887 when its first game of baseball was played. By 1900, spectators flocked to the Powell Street Grounds to see Vancouver's own semi-professional club. In 1905, the top professional team moved to the new Recreation Park.


Oppenheimer Park, Dunlevy and Cordova streets, Vancouver, B.C., ca. 1920. Shokichi Akatsuka Fonds. JCNM 92/20.022.