Vancouver Sun newsclipping, 1927

Athletic Park

Used for baseball and soccer from 1913 to 1951, this facility was located in Fairview on Hemlock Street between 5th and 6th Avenue, Vancouver, with stands for over 8,000 spectators. Built by Bob Brown, Vancouver’s Mr. Baseball. See map ‘Baseball Parks in Vancouver.’

The Leagues

Senior 'A' baseball

In 1927, the Asahis were invited to join the Senior 'A' Baseball league at Athletic Park. The popular Asahis drew big crowds playing in this prestigious league until 1929. When umpiring was unfair, sportswriters lauded the team for fighting "to the last inning without a squawk." Despite their style, against sponsored teams bolstered with imported semi-pros the Asahi club could not win enough games to ever get out of the league basement.


Vancouver Sun news clipping, August 10, 1927, "Japanese Players Popular".