The Farmers' Bank of Rustico
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Farmers' Bank of Rustico



The Farmers' Bank of Rustico Museum site is operated by the Friends of the Farmers' Bank of Rustico. The group is a non-profit, volunteer organization and oversees the operation of the Farmers' Bank of Rustico and Doucet House. This includes the conservation, maintenance and management of the buildings, the role of these historic sites in the community, the care of their collections, and the undertaking of research, education and interpretation.

The museum's objectives include:

  1. To restore, preserve and conserve the buildings known as the Farmers' Bank and the Doucet House;
  2. To collect artifacts related to the history of the Bank, the Doucet House, St Augustine's Church and the Rustico area or the history of the Acadians of the area;
  3. To preserve, conserve, study, interpret and exhibit the collection and to educate the public with regard to the history of the two buildings and the collections.

First People's Bank in Canada

The Farmers' Bank of Rustico, built of Island sandstone, was completed in 1867. The building which housed the bank was the St Augustine's Parish Hall. The Farmers' Bank is believed to be the precursor to the Credit Union Movement. It operated from 1864-1894 and was the first people's bank to operate in Canada.

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Farmers Bank Building, 2008

Farmers' Bank was housed in the parish Hall built of Island sandstone. 2008, Barry King.

Original Farmers' Bank 5 dollar banknote

Farmers' Bank 5 dollar banknote with the image of animals drinking water. Circa 1864, Farmers' Bank Collection.

Plaque commemorating Farmers' Bank

Plaque unveiled commemorating the Farmers' Bank which operated from 1864 - 1894. 1971, Farmers' Bank Collection.

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