The Farmers' Bank of Rustico
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Farmers' Bank of Rustico



The Farmers' Bank of Rustico Museum gratefully acknowledges the financial investment by the Department of Canadian Heritage in the development and creation of this exhibition for the Virtual Museum of Canada.

Project Staff

Rev. Barry King, Ph.D.
Natural Choice Associates, Inc
Project Manager, Primary Researcher/ writer, Voice-overs, Video, editing and Production

Nigel Cuthbertson
Web and Graphic Designer, Programmer, Video

Rev. Sandi King
Natural Choice Associates Inc.
Transcription, Editing

Mark DeMone
Research, Voice-overs, video

Anne Audet

Noela Richard
French Voice-overs, Transcription

Dan Pettit
Flash Animation

Kathy Richards

We would like to extend a sincere thanks to the board, staff and volunteers of the Farmer's Bank of Rustico Museum. Their time, knowledge, and enthusiasm was greatly appreciated.

Special thanks to Judy MacDonald who acted as the museum liaison and worked closely with the Natural Choice Associates, Inc. team.
Also a special thanks goes to the following who conducted interviews and shared their knowledge and expertise.

Judy MacDonald
Edward Blanchard
Maurice Roy
Carter Jeffrey
Francis Blanchard
Theresa Gallant

Additional Contributing Institutions

A number of other institutions assisted us by providing images, knowledge and expertise. Thank you.

PEI Museum and Heritage Foundation -
Special Thanks to David Keenlyside, Director

Confederation Centre of the Arts Gallery -
Special Thanks to Kevin Rice, Director

Acadian Museum, Miscouche -
Special Thanks to Cecile Gallant, Curator

Provincial Archives of Prince Edward Island -

Individual Contributors

A number of individuals were very eager to share their experience and personal views with us. Thank you for sharing you stories, photographs and experiences with us.

Special thanks to Paul Blackquire, Photographer


A number of publications and articles were drawn upon when undertaking the research for the project. Of special note is the work of Georges Arsenault who has worked tirelessly to research and document the history of the Acadians of Prince Edward Island. -
Thank you.

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