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Doucet House


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Video Tour Doucet House

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Video Tour Doucet House
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Video Tour Doucet House ( 1:25 min 3.9 MB )


Welcome to the Doucet house.

This Acadian home is certainly the oldest house in the Rustico area and possibly the oldest in the province being built most probably in 1772.

Upon entering the house you will find yourself in the kitchen and main living area. Here you will see the hearth, built with Island sandstone, and a number of objects that an Acadian family used in everyday life, including wooden yokes for hauling water and a rocking butter churn. The Acadian furnishings and artifacts are from the 1770's to the 1830's period. The hearth was the focal point of the home providing warmth and heat for cooking.

In addition to the downstairs, the Doucet house has an attic level. The attic would have been used for sleeping and storage for the large family.

As you can see the Acadian home of 1780 offered few luxuries and cramped quarters for the large Acadian family. Life so soon after the expulsion was still difficult.

The bedroom contains a traditional rope bed dating to 1840. It has a latticework of rope holding the mortis and tenon joints together under the straw mattress.

The Doucet House is recognized both federally and provincially as a heritage building of significance. The building was officially opened to the public in June, 2004.

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