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Doucet House

The Restoration of the Doucet House

The original Doucet House had stood on the Doucet property since 1772. In 1999, the house had moved out of family hands and the current owner, John Langdale, had decided to build a new house on the Doucet property. He wanted to remove or demolish the original structure. Fortunately, he recognized the historic value of the house and offered it to any organization that had the resources to move and restore it. An article was placed in a local paper, The Northern Star, which caught the attention of parish priest Father Lyndon Hogan. He immediately contacted the Friends of the Farmers' Bank to advise them of the opportunity.

The Friends were quite busy, at that time, with the restoration of the interior of the Farmers' Bank. They were mainly using volunteers and had no full-time staff, so they initially thought they had no time to take on the Doucet House project. They considered it for a few days, and upon reflection decided that they would regret not saving the house..

The Friends eventually accepted the offer and took on the restoration of the Doucet House.

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Image of Doucet House in 1960's

An image of the Doucet homestead on Grand Père Point, as it looked in the 1960s. Circa 1960, Farmers' Bank Collection.

Doucet House in Cymbria before restoration. 1999.

The Doucet House in its original location, on Grand Père Point in Cymbria. 1999. Farmers' Bank Collection.

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