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Stained Glass

Since the Middle Ages, the depictions of religious scenes and people on coloured glass have been used to convey the teachings of the faith. In the 1800's, visual imagery played a crucial role in one's understanding of Catholic iconography since the majority of Newfoundlanders did not read nor have access to theological manuscripts. Today, stained glass is more commonly viewed as an art form.

From the central point in the Basilica one has the best view of the twenty-eight beautiful stained glass windows adorning the upper walls dating back to the 1880's and 1890's.

On the south wall of the Basilica above the organ gallery, stands the most historically impressive of the stained glass windows - the Pallium window - erected to commemorate the establishment of the Ecclesiastical Province of Newfoundland and the conferring of the pallium on Archbishop Howley on June 23, 1905.