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  1. Who is primarily responsible for the construction of the Basilica-Cathedral?
    1. Bishop Michael Francis Howley
    2. Governor Henry Prescott
    3. Bishop Michael Anthony Fleming
    4. Bishop John Thomas Mullock
  2. What was the year of the Basilica-Cathedral's consecration?
    1. 1871
    2. 1855
    3. 1837
    4. 1841
  3. According to local legend, the land for the Basilica was a gift from:
    1. Sir Edward Morris
    2. Pope Pius XI
    3. Queen Victoria
    4. Governor Henry Prescott
  4. Which of the following was not a location used to quarry stone for the construction of the Basilica-Cathedral?
    1. Fort Townsend
    2. Signal Hill
    3. Ireland
    4. Kelly's Island, Conception Bay
  5. Bishop John Thomas Mullock had an avid collection of:
    1. stamps
    2. books
    3. wines
    4. DVD's
  6. The Pallium is a piece of garment customarily worn by:
    1. a Priest
    2. a Pope
    3. a Cardinal
    4. a Bishop
  7. The Veiled Virgin was created in flawless Carrera marble and brought from:
    1. France
    2. Ireland
    3. Spain
    4. Italy
  8. Bishop Fleming is credited with:
    1. the formation of a Catholic education system in the colony of Newfoundland
    2. the construction of the Basilica-Cathedral
    3. establishing a political voice for Irish Catholic immigrants in a British ruled colony
    4. all of the above
  9. The gift of the Our Lady of Fatima display to the parishioners of Newfoundland commemorates:
    1. the arrival of the Pope in Newfoundland
    2. the economic fishing relationship between Portugal and Newfoundland and the 100th anniversary of the Basilica
    3. the success of the Irish in Newfoundland
    4. the life and times of Bishop Michael Anthony Fleming
  10. Brother J.B Darcy's musical Miracle In Stone is a reenactment of:
    1. the gathering of stone for the Basilica-Cathedral
    2. the visit of Portugeuse fishermen in 1955
    3. the construction of Giovanni Strazzi's Veiled Virgin
    4. the consecration of the Basilica-Cathedral
  11. Both St. Bonaventure's College and the Bishop's Residence were constructed by:
    1. Bishop Michael Francis Howley
    2. Bishop John Thomas Mullock
    3. Pope John Paul II
    4. Bishop Michael Anthony Fleming

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