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Elizabeth - Host of Back to Batoche

The Back to Batoche Interactive Website was developed for the use and enjoyment of all those interested in Métis history and culture, with a focus on the 1885 Northwest Resistance. Information on the website has been given by a variety of people including Elders and other community people, educators and academics. Therefore, these various contributors and/or the Gabriel Dumont Institute hold copyright over all materials that appear on The Back to Batoche Interactive Website, unless otherwise noted, such as the Glenbow Museum Archives photographs.

The Gabriel Dumont Institute is presenting these print, image, audio and video files to the public for personal, cultural and educational purposes only. The above-mentioned items must not be used for any for-profit endeavour. Full provenance must be given when using an item for educational or cultural purposes.

If any of these resources are to be reproduced for non-profit educational or cultural purposes beyond a classroom or seminar setting, the expressed written permission of the copyright holders (Contributors) or the Gabriel Dumont Institute must be obtained. Permission letters or requests can be sent to:

David Morin (306.657.5714) at or by normal mail:

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