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Back to Batoche Festival

Brandon - Host of Back to Batoche

The Back to Batoche festival began in 1970 and has showcased Métis history and culture every year since! The festival has changed over the years in some ways, but in others, it has stayed the same. When it began in 1970 everyone slept in army tents, but when you attend today, you'll see tents and campers, and the occasional tipi!

There are a lot of different events to take in and enjoy while attending the festival. You can find a seat in the grandstand and listen to some fiddle music as dancers compete in square dancing and jigging contests. Or you walk over to the Voyageur Games and watch men, women, and children compete in various challenges such as the hatchet throw, slingshot, log carry, and flour sack carry. Another way to show off your culture is to enter the open-pit bannock baking contest!

Events for children include a crafts tents where they can participate in various activities, as well as a petting zoo with a variety of animals!

On the Sunday of the event, you can join the processional from the Festival grounds all the way to the cemetery of the Batoche National Historic Park, where a mass takes place to remember all who fought in the 1885 Northwest Resistance.

The Festival happens in July and all people are encouraged to come out and experience the Métis culture as it was, and as it is today!

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