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Instructions for Windows Users

  • Download and save the file to your hard-drive by clicking on the link above. Remember where you save it - you'll need to find it in the next step.

  • Find where you saved it on your computer, double-click the executable file, e.g. batoche_en.exe. The screensaver will automatically install itself.

  • The screensaver's controls are accessible through the Screensaver tab of your computer's Display Control panel. Find this in the Settings | Control Panel's sub menu of your Start Menu, or by right-clicking on your desktop and choosing Properties from the pop-up menu.

  • Once installed, you can interrupt the screensaver by moving your mouse.

Instructions for MacIntosh Users

  • Sorry, the following screensaver is only available for the Windows platform.


English: Windows

French: Windows

Michif: Windows

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