Credits - The Respect To Bill Reid Pole

Project Credits
Virtual Museum of Canada / Musée virtuel du Canada
The UBC Museum of Anthropology gratefully acknowledges the financial investment by the Department of Canadian Heritage in the creation of this on-line presentation for the Virtual Museum of Canada.

Thanks to the many individuals and organizations that gave their hearts, minds, and hands to carving, raising, and celebrating "The Respect to Bill Reid Pole." Among them, we wish to recognize especially:
  • Master carver: Jim Hart (7idansuu).
  • Lead carvers: Paul White, Oliver Bell, Nika Collison and Michael Nicoll.
  • Helpers-along-the-way: Deryl Colerman, Ernie Collison, Trish Collison, Guujaaw, Irene Mills, Skooker Broome, Bill McLennan, David Cunningham.
  • Chiefs and Elders present at poleraising.
  • Funders: Canada Council Millennium Arts Fund, Kaatza Foundation, Vancouver Foundation, Bill Reid Invitational Concert Series, Museum of Anthropology Friends and Members.
  • Sources of quotations on website: Jim Hart (from videotaped interview at MOA, summer 2000); Harry Hawthorn (MOA Archives, 1958); Walter Koerner (MOA Archives, 1959); Bill Reid (MOA Archives, 1959); Bill Reid (Out of the Silence,1971); Martine Reid (Speech, October 1, 2000).
  • Video credits: Interview with Jim Hart, summer 2000: UBC Multimedia Students; Poleraising October 1, 2000: Allison Wells
  • Photo credits: Trish Collison, Vince Collison, Josette Fauré, Diantha Frankert, Jim Hart, Susan Lazar, Carol Mayer, Bill McLennan, Irene Mills, Daniel Robertson, Moya Waters, Sheila Wigmore.
  • Thanks to Jim Hart for letting us use his image of "Our Grandmother" on this website. A print version was given as a gift to each guest at the poleraising on October 1, 2000.
We also wish to thank the following individuals and agencies responsible for producing "The Respect to Bill Reid Pole" virtual exhibit: Unlimited Digital Communications, Randomworks Entertainment team members Darren Card, Susanne Hendrickson, Kyle McIntosh, Sonja Ruebsaat, Kevin Shortt and Morgan Tincher. Museum of Anthropology coordinators of the project were Skooker Broome, Bill McLennan, Anna Pappalardo, and Jennifer Webb.