A stray group of 10,000

Old black and white silent movie of a small herd of Hereford cattle, part of the 10,000 cattle at the Douglas Lake Ranch.

The Big Ranches
Herd of purebred Shorthorn cows with calves

Old black and white silent movie of Shorthorn cows and calves in the Nicola Valley.

Purebred Cattle
Flying U Ranch “Ranch scenes”

1930s black and white silent footage of horses being driven and saddled at the Flying U Ranch at Green Lake (near 70 Mile House, B.C.).

Between the Wars
Legend of the West – 1956 “Dude Ranch”

1950s travelogue about dude ranches in the BC Interior.

Guest Ranches
A scrimmage at the Guichon Ranch

Old black and white silent movie of a staged gun fight at the Guichon Ranch in the Nicola Valley.

Cowboy Games
Cowboy Poetry

A series of video clips from cowboy poets.

Cowboy Poetry and Music
Wild horses and ponies

Old black and white silent movie showing horses on an Interior BC range.

Wild Horse Catching
Okanagan Falls cattle auction

1940s travelogue footage of a cattle auction in Okanagan Falls.

Cowboys on Duty

Old black and white silent movie of cowboys in the Nicola Valley herding cattle.

The Dirty Thirties
The Tall Country – 1958 “Ranching”

Scenes of winter on a BC cattle ranch filmed for the BC Centennial in 1958.

Grain-fed Beef

What it means to be a rancher today.



Cattle Ranching in the Nicola

Ranchers describe the early settlement of the Nicola Valley during the British Columbia gold rush.

First Ranchers
Indian Wives

A rancher talks about the Native wives of early ranchers.

Two Races
Ranch Life

A series of audio clips on daily ranch life.

Ranch Life
Cattle Barons

A rancher talks about his first horse and about good cow horses.

Cattle Ranching in the Nicola - “Early Cattle Drives”

Ranchers describe the early cattle drives in the British Columbia Interior.

Cattle Drives

Ranchers talk about devastating winters and the need to put up hay.

Norman Lee

Mrs. Norman Lee talks about her husband, Norman’s, cattle drive to the Klondike.

New Markets
Cattle Auction

Brian Chance of the Douglas Lake Cattle Ranch talks about the changing demands for beef.


3-D Artifacts

Wellington Boot

Images of the the Wellington boot which was popular with the early drovers.

Cattle Drives
Early Cowboy Boot and chaps

Images of the Early Cowboy Boot and Shot Gun Chaps.

“Gal Leg” Bit

Images of the “Gal Leg” bit which was inserted into the horse’s mouth and attached at either side to the reins, to control the horse by exerting pressure on the mouth.

Angora “Wooly” Chaps

Images of a popular wooly set of chaps used in BC.

The Railway Era
Early Stock Saddle

Image of an early saddle used by the drovers in BC.

Tools of the Trade
1930s Hamley Saddle

Images of a popular saddle that appeared in the 1930s.

Between the Wars
“Gal Leg” Spur

Images of a brass overlaid “gal leg” spur - always popular among the cowboyss.

Cowboy Games
Buffalo Head Spur

Images of a brass spur with a silver overlaid buffalo head which was a typical spur of the 1930s.

The Dirty Thirties