Native People

The grasslands of the British Columbia Interior remained undisturbed for thousands of years. This area was home to Native people who lived a precarious existence as they struggled to amass enough food to survive through the often severe winters. They hunted for game found in their territory, especially the large animals that would occasionally come to graze on the rich bunchgrass.

A painting of BC Natives. Click to enlarge,
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Painting "BC Indians" by Hind. PDP00005 Courtesy Royal British Columbia Museum

To supplement their diet, they dug for nutritious roots that they dried and pounded into a fine powder-like flour that could be formed into cakes. They also fished for salmon that travelled up the main rivers in the Interior, dried them, and preserved them for future use. Although it was a difficult life, the Native people lived in a unity with their natural surroundings that made their simple lives fulfilling. But larger forces in the world were about to change their lives and cultures forever.


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