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Entomophthora  muscae
This project would not have been possible without the financial support received from the Canadian Department of Heritage through the Virtual Museum of Canada. Thank you.

Nor would there be a website if not for Dr. George Barron, Professor Emeritus, University of Guelph. His recent publication of a field guide to the mushrooms of eastern Canada inspired the site from the beginning and his enthusiasm has guided us through its development. Dr. Barron provided many of the beautiful fungal portraits reproduced here, critical review and several sections of text. Any errors or omissions found within are mine own, for in Dr. Barron's own words, "I didn't always go along with his recommendations so the mistakes are all mine!" Heartfelt thanks from all of us, Dr. Barron.

A project of this size cannot be created without the input of many professionals. Our web designer and HTML programmer, Jacquelyn Corbett Cyr, went far and beyond the call of duty during the preparation of The Fungus Among Us. Many, many thanks, J! And to her husband, David Cyr for growing mushrooms on the site!

I wish also to acknowledge the writers. Jerry Lockett, thanks so much for the extensive research into the fungal facts and folklore you've presented and the overall organization of the text. Your engaging writing style encourages learning and you have helped us reach the broadest of audiences. To Sally Ross who researched and created the French adaptation, much gratitude for your patience and diligence. I have appreciated the audience sensitivity you brought to the project.

All of the photographs and illustrations are exhibited with permission and copyright is held by the photographers, except where the NS Museum of Natural History has contracted to have images made. Many thanks to George Barron, Tom Sutton, Greg Thorn, Alex Wilson, Fred Joyce, Carolyn Bird, Darryl Grund, the family of Ken Harrison and the estate of Mary Primrose for permission to reproduce their images. Thanks to Elizabeth Owen for her illustrations of fungi structure.

Many people reviewed the site from its earliest stages. Their comments, criticisms and suggestions provided the basis for change in both the appearance and content of the website.

Marian Munro
Project Co-ordinator

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