Let the Adventure Begin!

A tinted and altered photograph of the entrance to the Lyric Theatre in Cobalt. The sign over the door reads “Cobalt Adventure” and playbills along the side introduce the game's main characters.
An image of Tommy standing among a busy Cobalt Street.


Do you have an appetite for adventure and action? Well, look no further. Tragedy and triumph awaits the adventurous in this interactive game. Choose a character and then enter the melodramatic world of the silent film to explore an early 20th century silver rush. Set in authentic historic photographs and using actual artefacts from the Cobalt Mining Museums as props (see if you can spot them), the game asks you to make some tough choices and take some risks. Let the adventure begin!

A tinted postcard image of four small children on a chaotic street made up of a dirt path, some housesand many tree stumps.


Teachers and students can explore exciting learning opportunities in this largely art-based curriculum. Using historic photos, students can reflect on history, analyze social conditions and create their own interpretative works. The use of strong visual materials makes this curriculum an accessible and enjoyable experience for all learners. Lessons applicable for art, social studies and language, Grades 5-8.

A tinted photograph of a long line up of schoolchildren outside Cobalt Public school.


Want to see a town like no other? Then check out the amazing collection of historic photographs and artefacts in our library. You can see everything from dynamite men to the brave nurses who faced down fires and epidemics. If you come across something like an adit, and aren't quite sure what it means, head over to the Glossary to find out.