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Arriving at the Scene


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Arriving at the Scene

Police officers in front of a house

Detective Janet Marlow and her partner Detective John Wilson arrive at the crime scene on a cool autumn morning. The house where the death occurred is sectioned off by police crime scene tape so that no evidence will be disturbed until the forensics experts have finished their job. Detective Wilson is informed by a uniformed police officer that the victim is Robert Hughes, a middle-aged Caucasian male. Foul play is suspected but a motive is yet to be determined. There appears to have been a break-in followed by a struggle inside the house. A preliminary questioning of the neighbours revealed that Hughes was not a discreet man; he was known as much for flaunting his wealth as for his philandering. (Indeed, according to Mrs. Smith, his next-door neighbour, it was only a matter of time before something terrible happened, what with all those women storming in and out of the house like that!). Detective Wilson makes a mental note: the motive could be jealousy . . . a crime of passion . . . he then reminds himself to keep an open mind; he needs to see all the evidence before making any assumptions.

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