Arriving at the Scene


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Places of Interest

Police officer in front of a house

The police officer informs the detectives that witnesses saw two different women coming in and out of the victim's house at different times on the afternoon of the murder. One, a pretty blonde, went in at around 1:00 P.M. and left about an hour later in what appeared to be a very good mood. Another woman, a feisty redhead, arrived at approximately 4:00 P.M. and stormed out of the house fifteen minutes later. She had been seen on several occasions with the victim but no one knew who she was. The blonde, on the other hand, had never been seen before.
Mrs. Smith the next door neighbor reported seeing a strange man walking back and forth in front of the victim's house at around 10:15 P.M. on the night of the murder.
Detective Marlow writes down these facts in her notepad, collecting them like she would pieces in a jigsaw puzzle. Beginnings are always delicate, thinks Marlow. She sighs, knowing it will be a while before she sees the whole picture.
Detective Wilson and Detective Marlow cross the police line. They notice that Forensics Identification Specialists are already working hard at recovering evidence all over Mr. Hughes' property. "So where do you want to start Marlow?" asks Wilson.

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Place of Struggle ?

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