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Terrible Totem, Koskimo

Terrible Totem, Koskimo, 1930
watercolour and graphite on paper
36.9 cm x 26.8 cm
British Columbia Archives

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I worked all afternoon, first on “Koskemo Village, ”x.1., and then on x.2., “Strangled by Growth,” which is also Koskemo (the cat village). It is D’Sonoqua on the housepost up in the burnt part, strangled round by undergrowth. I want the pole vague and the tangle of growth strenuous. I want the ferocious, strangled lonesomeness of that place, creepy, nervy, forsaken, dank, dirty, dilapidated, the rank smell of nettles and rotting wood, the lush greens of the rank sea grass and the overgrown bushes, and the great dense forest behind full unseen things and great silence, and on the sea the sun beating down, and on the sand, everywhere, circling me, that army of cats, purring and rubbing, following my every footstep. That was some place! There was a power behind it all, and stark reality.

Hundreds and Thousands: The Journals of Emily Carr 1966

Put in a good day’s painting below the skin. Got the Cumshewa big bird well disposed on canvas. The great bird is on a post in tangled growth, a distant mountain below and a lowering, heavy sky and one pine tree. I want to bring great loneliness to this canvas and haunting broodiness, quiet and powerful. “Strangled by Growth” is giving much trouble.

Hundreds and Thousands: The Journals of Emily Carr 1966

PERIOD / STYLE: Modernism and Late Totems (1927-1932)



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LOCATION: Vancouver Island / Gulf Islands map