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D'Sonoqua, 1912
watercolour on card
75.9 cm x 42.2 cm
British Columbia Archives

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Kwakwaka'wakw Village of Gwa'yasdams

Kwakwaka'wakw Village of Gwa'yasdams
Royal BC Museum, PN 10063


Her head and trunk were carved out of, or rather into, the bole of great red cedar. She seemed to be part of the tree itself, as if she had grown there at its heart, and the carver had only chipped away the outer wood so that you could see her. Her arms were spliced and socketed to the trunk, and were flung wide in a circling, compelling movement. Her breasts were two eagle-heads, fiercely carved. That much, and the column of her great neck, and her strong chin, had seen when I slithered to the ground beneath her. Now I saw her face.
The eyes were two rounds of black, set in wider rounds of white, and placed in deep sockets under wide, black eyebrows. Their fixed stare bored into me as if the very life of the old cedar looked out, and it seemed that the voice of the tree itself might have burst from that great round cavity, with projecting lips, that was her mouth. Her ears were round and stuck out to catch all sounds. The salt air had not dimmed the heavy red of her trunk and arms and thighs. Her hands were black, with blunt finger-tips painted a dazzling white. I stood looking at her for a long, long time.

Klee Wyck 1941

PERIOD / STYLE: Modernism and Late Totems (1927-1932)

INSCRIPTIONS RECTO (FRONT): Signature: M. Emily Carr


1945 - 1946 Emily Carr: Her Paintings and Sketches collaboration between the Art Gallery of Toronto (Art Gallery of Ontario), and the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, Ottawa travelling to the Art Association of Montreal (Montreal Museum of Fine Arts) and the Vancouver Art Gallery (cat. 32)

1990 Emily Carr National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa

2006 - 2008 Emily Carr: New Perspectives on a Canadian Icon collaboration between the Vancouver Art Gallery and the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa travelling to the Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, and the Glenbow Museum, Calgary (cat. 88)


Emily Carr Trust
Purchased by the Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto in 1942

LOCATION: Vancouver Island / Gulf Islands map