The Force in the North

Ceremony & Security

The role of the North-West Mounted Police and their modern counterparts in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police has always been a wide-ranging one. From staking a claim on the arctic for Canada to delivering vaccinations in remote communities, the Mounties have done it all. The one constant over the years has been their dual presence as the security and the scenery at official Canadian ceremonies.

The Mounties' uniform of a stetson and red serge is recognized internationally. This now largely-ceremonial version of the Mountie can be found at events ranging from government swearing-in ceremonies, to Canada Day, to Remembrance Day. This image, as documented in the Myths section, is an important part of Canada's international reputation as country of safety and security.

The attached photos illustrate some of the history of the NWMP and the RCMP in Yukon celebrations and memorials.