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Goat River Dam


Goat River Dam
Completed: 1933
Type: Concrete arch dam


Built to supply Creston and area with electricity construction began in 1932 and the first unit was in operation in 1933. It is located 5 kilometres east of Creston on the Goat River and is a reinforced concrete arch dam. The second generating unit came on line in 1934 and the third was installed and operating in 1949. The dam had a head of 65 feet and the three turbines were supplied by a single 6-foot diameter penstock.

The reinforced concrete dam is arch-type with 3 turbine runners that are under a head of 20 m. (65 feet) and supplied by a single 6-foot steel penstock. As the population and demand in the area grew it became necessary to supplement the hydroelectricity with three 100-kw diesel driven portable generators. The dam also suffered from ice build up and water shortages that reduced its effectiveness.

The plant was turned over to West Kootenay Power and Light and once the transmission line was installed across Kootenay Lake, and power from the Kootenay River dams was brought to Creston, the Goat River Dam was no longer the primary power producer for the area. By 1958 the plant was maintained in a standby condition, operated only occasionally until September 1979 when the switchyard and peripheral buildings were removed by West Kootenay Power. The dam is now privately owned.

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Goat River Dam
Goat River Dam

Water overflowing the top of the concrete arc dam, construction of the penstock and powerhouse near completion. October 21, 1933.
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