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South Slocan Dam


South Slocan Dam
Completed: 1928
Operator: West Kootenay Power and Light (FortisBC)
Type: Concrete gravity dam run of river


Construction on the No. 3 plant began in 1926 and was fully operational in the summer of 1929. It has three generating units with an operating head of 21 m (70 ft). The dam contains three sections; a non-overflow section from the west bank of the river to the headworks, 129 m (425 ft) long and 18 m (60 ft) high; a spillway section 396 m (1300 ft) from the headworks to an island upstream; and a second spillway section 152 m (500 ft) long from the island to the east bank of the river.

A complex near the South Slocan Dam site was constructed to house workers. The site contained railway spurs, maintenance shops, housing, and a recreation hall that hosted dances, films, a bowling alley and other leisure activities. Eventually this complex became the operational control and maintenance centre for the five Kootenay River plants operated by West Kootenay Power and headquarters for power-line maintenance.

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South Slocan
South Slocan

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South Slocan Dam
South Slocan Dam

View from the South Slocan compound of the Kootenay River
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