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Walter Hardman Dam


Walter Hardman Dam
Completed: 1960
Operator: BC Hydro
Type: Run of river


The City of Revelstoke constructed the Walter Hardman Dam in 1960 once its power requirements exceeded the capacity of the Illecillewaet Dam in service since 1897. Named for the mayor of Revelstoke of the time, held back water diverted from Cranberry Creek into Coursier Lake, the 685 metre (2,247 foot) long dam raised the water level of the lake almost 18 metres (60 feet) above historic levels. The water was then diverted into 256 metre (840 foot) long penstocks that delivered it to the powerhouse at the edge of the Columbia River. In 1972 the City of Revelstoke sold the dam and powerhouse to BC Hydro.

The dam at the outlet of Coursier Lake was under constant surveillance as seepage and the risk of the dam failing was high. A dam burst might flood Highway 23 S, damage the generating station and headpond or cause significant negative impact to the natural environment and wildlife in the area. In October 2003 the Coursier Dam was decommissioned, the first decommissioning to be done by BC Hydro at the time. The Walter Hardman project now consists of a channel that diverts water from Cranberry Creek into the headpond, and then to the generating station.

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Walter Hardman Dam
Walter Hardman Dam

The Walter Hardman Dam, located adjacent to Highway 23 S.
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