Mica Dam siteMica Dam siteMica Dam locationMica Dam site under constructionThe confluence of the Columbia, Canoe and Wood RiversMica Dam buildingConfluence of three rivers, the old highway and the Mica borrow area, Boat EncampmentBoat Encampment AreaClearing for the Kinbasket ReservoirClearing of the area to be flooded by the Mica DamWoody debris in the flood watersClearing of the Kinbasket ReservoirMica Dam SiteMica Dam Temporary PowerhouseMica Dam Town siteMica Dam SiteColumbia River CrossingMica TownsiteMica Townsite Hydro campLooking east from townsiteDiversion TunnelMica Dam SiteLooking up Wood RiverLooking up Canoe RiverMica Townsite from southMica Dam contractors campMica Dam diversion tunnelsMica Dam diversion tunnelsMica Dam diversion tunnelsDiversion Tunnels ExitsDiversion Tunnels EntranceThe Mica DamThe Columbia RiverTransmission linesThe Mica Dam

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