Grade levels: 7-10

Lesson Objective: The Learner Will Be Able To:

  1. Identify equipment and clothing needs for a personal climb
  2. Use consumer skills to find good equipment online and manage prices according to a budget.
  3. Present their choices, defending why they chose what they did.


  • Poster boards
  • Scissors, glue, pens, felts
  • Computers with internet access, printers

Lesson Process:

1. Describe assignment to students: they are to search on the internet to create a poster of the equipment and clothing they are choosing for their own climb. Before they begin, they must forecast how much they expect to spend on clothing and each item of equipment. Next, they surf the internet to find sites supplying climbing clothing and equipment. Make sure they check the currency, and convert US dollars to Canadian. They should shop around and compare quality and prices. When they have chosen an item to “buy”, they print out the picture and glue it to their poster board, writing a description of the features of that item and why they chose it over others available. They should also include the price, and why they chose this item over others available.

2. Next class, have the students share what they have chosen. Put up the posters in the hallway or classroom, so that they can share what they have done with others. Make sure to ask them how they made their decisions, and how closely their budget matches their original forecast. If their expenditures are over the original forecast, ask them how they could alter their choices to compensate. Alternately, tell the class that their money has been severely cut back, and they must now find a way to cut $500 from their expenditures.