Grade levels: 7-10

Lesson Objective: The Learner Will Be Able To:
  1. Use their imaginations and teamwork to create a life-size replica of one of the climbers from the expedition.
  2. Incorporate their knowledge of climbing equipment to properly represent the climber.
  3. Interpret historical details to write probable comments for each of the climbers.


  • Large construction paper
  • Multi-coloured chalk
  • The 1925 Climb section of the Mount Logan website

Lesson Process:

1. Students are broken into 8 teams. Each team will draw a life-sized climber to put on the wall. Assign one climber to each group. One student is traced onto paper, and then the whole team modifies the outline, add hair, facial features, appropriate clothing, hats, pipes, glasses and climbing equipment. The climbers were:
  • AH MacCarthy
  • W.W. Foster
  • H.F. Lambert
  • A. Carpe
  • H.S. Hall Jr
  • N.H. Read
  • R.M. Morgan
  • A. Taylor

2. The groups then have to fill in 3-4 large speech bubbles for their climber. They must have a lot of details taken from the original climb. The intention is that the captions of all the climbers combined will tell the full story of the climb. Students must read the transcript of the 1925 climb closely in order to bring out historical details.

3. Put the climbers up on a large wall, either in the classroom or, better yet, in a hallway or entranceway of the school. You can protect the climbers by laminating them or covering them with clear shelf-liner from the hardware store. This way, the whole school and visitors can learn about the climb and celebrate what your class has done!