Grade levels: 7-10

Lesson Objective: The Learner Will Be Able To:

  1. Learn about the Global Positioning System
  2. Practice GPS tracking experientially
  • Handheld GPS devices
  • Whistles
Lesson Process:
1. Most communities have people in them who are experts in GPS use; either through their profession or through their hobbies. I find it best to draw upon community expertise in presenting lessons like this one. Contact park wardens,climbers, outdoor education teachers, etc. Find an expert to come in and help you to set up the “treasure hunt” and explain this lesson.

2. The “Treasure Hunt” will be a series of positions marked in advance which the students must find. Have a letter or special item at each position which the students must make note of to bring back to you.

3. In the classroom, explain the Global Positioning System, and some of its uses. Brainstorm at least two ways it was used on Mount Logan in the 1992 climb.

4. Take the class outside and start up the GPS units. Students can mark the locations of some of their favourite places, and then challenge each other to find them.When students have practiced and had fun for a while, gather everyone with a whistle blow. Establish the whistle call which will mean to gather back at the school (e.g. double short blast). Explain the treasure hunt to the class. When they have achieved all of the positions and returned to prove it to you, have a reward or each student.