Grade levels: 7-10

Lesson Objective: The Learner Will Be Able To

  1. Interpret a text in order to create a dramatic scene
  2. Brainstorm and plan the scene to create
  3. Consider dramatic and textual elements for inclusion
  • Paper, pens, tables
  • Computers with internet access
Lesson Process
1. Based on the story of the 1992 climb, along with the Duke of Abruzzi’s climb and the 1925 climb, students choose a tense dramatic scene to script and enact. Students complete the attached planning sheet, and then share their ideas in small groups. Remind students not to take over each other’s ideas, but to provide supportive commentary and helpful advice.
2. For homework, they must finish the planning sheet
3. Extension: Also for homework/classwork: the students can create an advertising poster for their scene, with title, brief description, and artwork.

Dramatic Script Brainstorming and Planning Sheet

Your assignment is to create a first draft of short drama script about a scene from a modern Mount Logan climb. The major focus of this scene is to practice developing conflict and tension.

1. First, you must choose what your scene will be about. There must be a conflict or source of tension.

2. What is the setting? Be specific. What can you do when you film your script to create this setting?

3. What are three elements of your scene which will create tension?

4. What are at least five technical climbing words you will need to incorporate in your script?

5. What will be important in terms of the “voice” or dialogue of your scene? What will be the tone of the dialogue? What kinds of words will you use to create the special voice of your script?

6. Who are the characters in your scene? How will you give the audience the important information about each of these characters? How will these characters change during the scene? What will they have learned by the end?

7. What will be the eye-catching title of your piece?

8. Imagine that you will make an advertising poster for your movie. What will it look like?

9. What props, scenes, actors, and costumes will you need when you videotape your scene?