Grade levels: 8, but may be modified for 6/7 or 8/9

Lesson Objective:

Students will demonstrate empathy by writing journals entries through the eyes of the Duke of Abruzzi.


  • Computers with internet access
  • Writing tools and paper

(10 minutes) Begin by reading the section form Duke’s summit starting with July 1st.
As a class, discuss possible feelings, thoughts, struggles, etc the team may have endured throughout their climb. Write these down on a brain storming chart.

(40 minutes) Next the class will write six journal entries from the point of view of the Duke of Abruzzi. They will begin with June 20th , and end with the descent. They must incorporate the actual events (from the web page) along with their interpretation of how the Duke may have felt.

As a class, complete the June 20th entry together, taking ideas from all students. Begin with Dear Journal, and make certain it’s written in the first person (the Duke).

As students complete the six entries, have them exchange with partners and begin the editing/revision process.

Once the six entries have been completed to the publishing stage, students can share their work through a reader’s theatre.